GYPSY DAY: IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON: THE TRADITIONAL MOVING DAY:  (allow share makers who own cows but not the Land). We will celebrate GYPSY day as festival GYPSY people will participate we will arrange Street performing artists, arranged handicraft people organize colorful event, and will discuss on different issues with the Line Departments.

UN declared 2021 world’s free child labour day. Children should not work but they should be educated stays at home play games, we will convey our messages in different forums, conduct programs and seminars that children shouldn’t do work not eve in factories. GODH is National Coordinator in Pakistan that’s why we will try in every expect to reach out our legislation Departments, head of Institutions or states Chief Minister conduct meeting and will make new Law’s and implement it. Publicize to decay child labou.. All Chapters of CRM campaign will be on board, which we have been decided in CRM PUNJAB Meeting.

GODH Sports day celebrating for our children to have FUN Day. After COVID-19 we will conduct GALA Event where children will engaged in music, full of colorful, there would be Sports competition between children. We will invite Sport Minister for street children facilitate them as they can feel International Players.


GODH is going to Celebrate Street Children day on 12th April. Due to COVID-19 we are not collecting children instead we are going to organize their models and messages on this day and will share it with Media.


Join us on The World Day against Child Labor. All Children have the right to protected from Child Labor.  We will conduct Meetings with Stakeholders like Province

Assembly members, National and Provincial Labor Minister, National and Provincial Labor

Secretary, Child right Organizations for their support, parents, Legislation Departments,

Celebrities, Specially CRM, PUNJAB, Pakistan and Employers of factories,

As we can get maximum results.