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Grass-root Organization for Human Development (GODH)


GODH is a Lahore based non-profit civil society organization working on pro poor issues such as Rights of men, women, child, and Better Environment, Peace, Social Justice and Good Governance. GODH acts as an Information Resource Centre and works for developing new life resources for highly oppressed and illiterate communities.


We Work in More Than 35 Districts To

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It gives pleasure to share that GODH has been completed its 22 years of establishment. The main focus remained on continues improvement and innovation to provide best quality education, protection, cultural promotion activities and health services to marginalized communities, desperate labored children and women and yet making a continuous effort to uplift the standard of our target groups.

Nazir Ahmad Ghazi

Executive Director

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A democratic society based on Social Justice, Equity and Equality

We Are In A Mission : To establish a prosperous society through social, political and economic empowerment indiscriminately.

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