List of Partners


  • Kindermissionswerk (KMW) 2018- Ongoing
  • MISEREOR 2000- Ongoing
  • OXFAM (Oxford committee for Famine relief) 2022-Ongoing



    Name of Project

                Name of                  Donor/Partner

             Project Description

    Strengthening Role of Gypsy Communities in the conservation of Biological Diversity


    This project was implemented to preserve the indigenous knowledge of traditional treatment of different diseases with natural herbs and preserve this way of treatment by Gypsies.

    Education Program for Gypsy Girls


    This project was implemented to promote Girl education because this area is very ignored in this community. GODH started this project in 2 different locations to educate 70 girls.

    CCWR Lahore voter education

    Aurat Foundation

    That was a campaign to educate voters, agents and candidates.

    Basic Education and Health program for Gypsies


    We are implementing this project for the promotion of basic health and education (non formal) of gypy children. We provide them these facilities in their community.

    Rehabilitation and Re-integration of Street working children in Chakwal

    Plan International(Pakistan)

    Established Drop in Centre to aware street children on life skill based education, self-protection, and reunified them with their families.

    Early Recovery and Restoration of Flood affected of Mianwali


    Raise awareness among communities to get prepare and prevent for emergencies and distribute cash grants, lifesaving kits, livelihood equipment like carts, goats etc. for their survival and recover their loss.

    Gender Based violence and Protection of women Rights

    The Asia Foundation

    In this project capacitate women in different trades like singing, dancing, stitching, and dancing as per their interests for better livelihood and income generation.

    Children Street Project

    Save the Children

    This project is implementing to raise awareness among street living, street living with families and street working children on life skills based education, basic literacy and numeracy, about their rights, self-protection, birth registration and reunification with their families if they want.

    Education program for Gypsy Children

    Action Aid

    Established non formal education centers to educate girls and boys and mainstream in government setup.

    Non Formal Education

    Punjab Education Foundation

    Established 5 non formal schools to educate children in different slums of Lahore.

    Advocacy campaign for women friendly spaces- Gender equity program


    Create women friendly spaces and healthy environment in Industries/cooperate sector and Bar association. Empower chamber of commerce and bar association on gender sensitive issues, sexual harassment act.

    Forging Civil Society Action Against Child domestic Labor to Combat the Gender Disadvantage.

    Global March Against Child Labor

    In this project we are making efforts to banned domestic child labor, make them legislations and ensure the implementation of existing legislations with the collaboration of law agencies and parliamentarians and civil societies.

    Education program for Gypsy Children

    Maria Haleena Foundation


    Primary School strengthening Program

    Trust of voluntary Organizations

    In this project adopt running school and provide furniture and fixture, capacitate teachers for better teaching, and made schools child friendly.

    Learn Without Fear(Campaign)

    Plan International

    Raise awareness among children, teachers, parents to eliminate corporal punishment and its drawbacks.

    We Can and END Violence Against women

    South Asia Partnership Pakistan

    Sensitize girls as well as boys to ensure the rights of women and eliminate the violence against women and gender biases.

    AAWAZ& Accountability Program

    South Asia Partnership Pakistan

    Sensitize community on grass root level, give them voice and make accountable to ensure the service delivery for public.

    20-20 Campaign

    Save the Children

    This campaign was on child protection bill in 5 districts of Punjab.

    Each One Teach One


    Sponsorship program for gypsy children

    Empowering Gypsy Women to have their basic Legal Rights


    Sensitized gypsy women and communities for having their legal rights