Executive Directors Message

Nazir Ahmad Ghazi

I am extremely delighted to share that the

Grass-Root Organization for Human Development

(GODH) has entered the 22nd year of its active life.

Since its inception in 1998,

GODH has focused on these major areas:

Education, Health and Community Development.

GODH is one of the pioneer organizations

In Pakistan that has been instrumental in bringing

The issue of nomadic people into the mainstream

development sector. For the last 22 years, our objective

has been to respect and support the gypsy communities all

across Pakistan. By focusing on the less fortunate,

we have created programs to make the people of

marginalized communities understand and true notion

of development and build their capacity which

would enable them to organize

themselves into groups for collective action leading towards

self-reliance and empowerment.

The dedication and  hard work of GODH team and their

commitment towards uplifting the socio-economic

status of the Nomad communities has been conduct both

nationally and internationally.

I wish them all the best in their future endeavours and

hope that they will continue to

work with the same passion and determination.