Case Studies

Case Study 01

I am Lubna, 12 years old, studying in class One in Naya Din School. We are seven brothers and sisters, four brothers and three sisters. My father is a mason and working on daily wages. We are Khokar by caste. Living in a rented house in the area of Jamal Colony. We do not have any personal property or house. Two of my brothers are married and living in a separate house with their families. They are not taking care of my parents and family members after getting married. My father is the only earning hand of our family. He alone is bearing the expenses of our family. Most of the time he is not in good health. I have keen interest to get education. That is why I am getting education in Naya Din School. I really like to attend my school because of my teacher. She taught us with full care and love. I learnt a lot from her. Because of her teaching method, I never miss my school. She taught us how to talk to elders and respect them. She asked me to follow the rules of health & hygiene. With her efforts, I felt positive change in my personality. In past days, I was very harsh and was not interested in getting education, but now I am very polite in my gestures. It is my dream to get education and support my family financially. If I would be educated, I will be able to teach my children. My education would be my asset for rest of my life. I am very thankful to Naya Din School team, who are working for our betterment and bright future.

Case Study 02

My name is Jamil Bilal, student of class Four in Naya Din School. It is my passion to get education. I want to be a pilot or want to join army. My dream would be change into reality if I would get education. I attend school punctually and regularly. It is keen wish of my parents that I must get higher education. One of my brother has married and living separate with his family. Both my father and mother are earning livelihood for our family. My sister is also involve in domestic labor. I feel bad for her. She is also attending Naya Din School with me. There are so many financial affairs, due to which we could not afford expenses of Public school. My parents have so many expectations from me to support them in their old age.

With our parents, my sister and I are supporting our family. GODH’s Naya Din School is a ray of hope for children like us who have to work for their siblings and parents’ support. We avail chance to fulfil our wish to get education and brighten the name of our country as well. Sometimes I feel myself very vulnerable just because of lack of resources to accomplish my siblings and parents’ wishes. Before attending Naya Din School, I was having inferiority complex while seeing other children going to school. Now I feel myself contented to get education, having hope to achieve my targets and dreams.

Case Study 03

I am Kiran Amanat, 15 years old, living in a garbage collecting community. I belong to Changar caste. I am the student of class 3 in GODH Naya Din School established in our community in between our settlements. As we whole community are garbage collectors, children are engage in this garbage collection with their family members and individually as well. For sake of our ease, GODH has built a Non-formal School set up in our community. In the morning, I went to collect garbage and attending school with my siblings in evening. It is my wish to attend public school like other common children. I want to spend a normal life with my family in which there are no sorrows and worries. People humiliate and degrade us due to our occupation of garbage collection. I really feel bad when other children use shameful words and sentences for us. This is the only reason I want to attend school on daily basis. I convinced other children of my locality to attend school and actively participate in curricular and co-curricular activities. We are living in this community since eight years in huts and paying its fare as well. I want to get escape from this occupation and want to become a teacher. It is my wish to teach other children who are living in such kind of communities. I will teach my children by myself and will send them to school. I am very thankful to GODH Naya Din School who took this initiative for marginalized communities.

Case Study 04

Madiha Qadir Baksh, a pupil of GODH Naya Din School, studing in class Nursery. I am thirteen years old. Attending my school on regular basis with full of my interest. I want to become a social worker. I will work for the betterment and prosperity of the poor and vulnerable children and families. We are 8 brothers and sisters, 5 brothers and 3 sisters. My younger brother is also studying in school with me. My father is a mason and working on daily wages. We are living hand to mouth. My mother is also a domestic laborer. My parents had a deep desire that we must go to school like other children. My parents were very happy when they came to know that I am able to write my name and could read Urdu newspaper. I saw a spark of happiness in their eyes. I want to get higher education and it is my wish that my siblings also get education. Being a Pakistani I want to do something for my country. It is efforts of GODH team members that we have our legal rights, we were not aware of importance of CNIC, Birth certificates and other documents. They raised voice for our legal documentation and now we have an identity. I am thankful to GODH team members that I am getting opportunity to get education without any cost. One day I would also work for the people as GODH is working.