A child labour free Pakistan

Our Approach

In order to have the greatest possible impact on the scale and complexity of the challenges in Pakistan, we deliberately aim to think differently about the challenges; we disrupt the traditional development agenda and seek new, effective solutions.

These key principles drive our approach:

  • The private sector has a central role to play.
  • We convene powerful cross-sector partnerships.
  • We invest in learning, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • We support scalable and sustainable solutions.
  • We safeguard the wellbeing of the people that we work with and for.
  • We can always learn and improve.

A brief History

  • 1998



    With regular interaction and strong efforts Mr. Nazir Ahmad Ghazi became successful to start centres named as Naya Din School for Gypsy Children in their own community on self- help basis.

  • 2000

    • Benjimen Putter has the leading role in  Global March Against Child labour in Germany , He visited Pakistan and met Mr. Nazir Ahmad Ghazi and visited Naya Din Schools and was quite impressed by the efforts of GODH. On his way back to Germany he started efforts for funding these centres and after some serious efforts he convinced some of his fellows to fund these centres and start partnership with GODH.This partnership still continue .
    • Women Participation in Local Body Election by Aurat Foundation.


  • 2001


    Basic Education and Health Program for Gypsies in Lahore by MISEREOIR Extended on annual basis and continued till date.

  • 2002

    Basic Education and Health Program for Gypsy Girl Children by AusAid.



  • 2005


    Continued SAP-PK (We Can end Violence against women and Awaz and Accountability Program).

    Education program for Gypsy Children by IVO.

  • 2007

    Skill building of Gypsy Women by South Asia Women Fund.



  • 2008


    Mobile fun centre for IDPs Camps with MISEREOR.

  • 2009

    • 20 to 20 National Campaign for Child Protection Bill by Save the Children.
    • Skill Building of Gypsy Women by South Asia Women Fund.


  • 2010


    Rehabilitation and Reintegration of street working children by Plan International.

  • 2011

    • Gender Equity Program by Aurat Foundation.
    • Empowering the Voiceless and Vulnerable Rag Pickers by Action Aid
    • Flood Relief for children and their family in Sindh Mir Pur Khas by CHIP


  • 2012


    Flood Early Recovery District Mianwali by UNDP

  • 2013

    Flood Early Recovery by UNDP.



  • 2014


    Street children Project by Save the Children.

    Forging civil society action against child domestic labor to combat the gender disadvantages.

  • 2015

    • Advocacy Campaign on women friendly spaces by Aurat Foundation.
    • Street Children Project to address the rights of children on Move.
    • Right to Education by SAP


  • 2016


    Elimination of Child and Bonded Labour.

  • 2017

    • Protection and promotion of rights of vulnerable children with Penny Appeal Pakistan
    • Awaz  Aaghaee campaign by DAI


  • 2018


    Protection of street children in sub-urban areas of district Lahore.

  • 2019

    • Protection of children through empowering communities and strengthening response mechanisms.
    • Protection and Rehabilitation of Children in District Kasur by USAID


  • 2020

    1. Keeping- Connected Street Children Safe During COVID-19 with Consortium for Street Children (CSC)
    2. Hum Ahang by SAP
    3. Education and Health Program for Gypsy Children and Protection of Street working Children in Sub- Urban Areas of Lahore with MISEREOR/ Kinder Mission Werk
  • 2021

    Campaign on Fortified Flour and Oil/Ghee with Nutrition International



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