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Case Study of Taiba d/o Mushtaq Ahmad

Taiba is 8 years old girl from a village Chak Nara, Manawal, tehsil and district Sheikhupura. Taiba‟s mother work in the fields as a cotton picker and her father is a weaver. Despite working all the day, they hardly manage to feed their children and sometimes they need to sleep with empty stomachs. Taiba has one sister and two brothers working as domestic workers in cities.

Taiba was also sent to the city for domestic work in a house only for Rs. 2000 per month where she was beaten by the house owners several times. She was tortured numerously on small things e.g. dust on a decoration piece or because once she dropped a little bit of milk on the floor. At such a young age, when children learn to grow and must be handled with great care, Taiba was thrown into the world by her own parents to survive and to support her family. After several physical punishments by her employers, she decided to leave but caught on sight and was beaten to an extent that she fainted and taken to the hospital. Even then she was threatened that she will be beaten to death if she tries to run again.  Physical and mental torture, rotten food to eat, sleepless cold nights and long working hours in hot summer made her very weak. Taiba, after suffering from extreme situations, left the house again and spent a night in a graveyard. Next day, someone caught her crying and called the police and police contacted GODH. Taiba spent few nights at a house of GODH‟s employee meanwhile her parents were contacted and informed about her sufferings. Her parents were totally unaware of the situation and Taiba also did not tell them as she was threatened by the employers and afraid that her parents will also torture her.

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