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Case Study of Ali Asad s/o M. Bota

Living in destitution with poor family background from Nawal p/o Khas Tehsil Pasroor Zila Sialkot, Ali Asad (age 14) was forced to work at a workshop in Lahore. M. Bota, the father, sent Ali far away from friends and family, without his consent, because of the miserable family conditions. M. Bota never studied and works at Chaudhry‟s farms under extreme conditions.  Similarly, Ali‟s mother works as a domestic worker to feed her children. Ali has three younger sisters who also don‟t study and work with their mother to earn livelihood.

Being eldest in the family, at a very young age, Ali started working to support his family under vulnerable conditions and numerously threatened and beaten by his workshop employer, before he decided to run away. Ali spent frozen nights stranded in the streets and slept talking to the street dogs as his friends. He was beaten physically and tortured mentally in different workshops/ garages he worked and that changed his behavior frightfully towards family members and other villagers. Ali spent few nights in a sacred place of Data Darbar in Lahore where he caught by police and sent back home after investigation. After few days, compelled by family problems, Ali was sent back to the city to repeat the history of misery and agony. Being the topic of discussion between family, villagers and police, they realized that poor family background, degraded education, family issues, parental negligence, lack of basic needs fulfillment, poor social security and other socioeconomic issues were the main source of decline.

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